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изготовитель: ATI
наименование / номер модели: ATLS218EV1.0
условие: новое

Evaluation board  ATLS218EV1.0 is designed to evaluate the functions and basic specifications for laser driver ATLS15A218D conveniently. The ATLS15A218D is a high efficiency constant current laser driver for driving laser diode.

Since the ATLS15A218D laser driver come with up to 15A current, the evaluation board not only provides good heat dissipation, but also power supply and connection ports, totally four ports.  There are terminal blocks and solder pads at the input and signal ports. They are used for connecting different wires. There is an LED on the upper middle of the board will be lit up when the driver works well.

The main switch S1 can turn on and off the driver. When S1 is in the middle Standby, the driver stops working, but the internal voltage reference 2.5V is still working. The evaluation board comes with two current set ports, LISH and LISL. There is a PCN switch S2 in the evaluation board to select LISH or LISL to set the current. LIS current set provides internal and external settings, which are controlled by the switch S3 and S4 respectively. LISH and LISL setting is realized by adjusting the two POTs. The functions of other pins in the laser driver can be measured directly in the evaluation board.

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