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bu ilanı beğen Fiber coupled laser diode modules: ATFLD2W830 - ₨14798 bu ilanı gizle göster

durum: yeni
marka / üretici: ATI
model adı / numarası: ATFLD2W830

ATFLD2W830 is designed to result in volume products with a high efficiency, stability and superior beam quality. The products are achieved by transforming the asymmetric radiation from the laser diode chip unto an output fiber with small core diameter by using special micro optics. Inspecting and burn-in procedures in every aspect come to a result to guarantee each product with the reliability, stability and long lifetime.
High output power: 2W
Small fiber core diameter: 60μm
100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant
830nm 2W fiber coupled laser diode module 2-pin package 60um fiber can be used in printing, medical laser treatment and etc.

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İlan ID: 6489845180

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