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ofa Sets in Bangalore
We are Manufacturers of Customized Sofa Sets and Furniture. We have Expertise on a Wide range of Fabric, Leather , Corner and L Shaped Sofa sets all manufactured out of Bangalore.

Furniture must have a distinctive personality and be beautiful at the same time. Sofa set is an integral part of your living room. It should be such that it blends perfectly with one's home decor. At Sofa Clinic we specialize in making sofas that are stylish, contemporary and chic with a flavor which is inherent in itself. It speaks volumes about one's elite taste. With an endless array of stunning designs we boast of a collection which is enchanting for its uniqueness.

While designing furniture, we pay huge attention to all quality parameters. Our expert panel scrutinises the finish and deals with only the best material. So when you go with us, remember we are your reliable friends.

Apart from sofa designing, we specialise in restoration of sofas. Our equipped team of skilled professionals are trained to understand your needs and convert them into innovative idea. The result is a genuine wonder with emphasis on comfort and style. Add a spark of renewed life to your existing sofa in a budget that will amaze you.

If you are thinking of a designer furniture store, we are the right choice. Whether you are on a hunt for something traditional, contemporary, rustic or futuristic; our range covers them all. Let your taste resonate with our make!

Shop at www.sofaset.co
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