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If you run an outsourcing or consulting company and have a team of developers who can do this project PLEASE DON'T BOTHER READING FURTHER.

We are an early stage startup in security space and based out of Silicon Valley. We are a geographically spread out small team and are looking to add an individual contributor to the team with either Android or IOS application development skills. If you are an experienced developer in either please apply by completing the following step:

Please build an Android or IOS application with 3 screens:

Screen 1:
User inputs a their phone number and clicks next.
If phone number is a valid US number:
Display a five digit numeric code
Activate the Next button so user can move forward to screen #2
ask them to enter a valid US phone number

Screen 2:
Ask user to input the numeric code from Screen #1
if user input matches the code from Screen #1:
Activate the next button so user can move forward to screen #3
Display the message indicating that codes did not match
Allow the user to re-enter the code or use the Previous button so
user can navigate back to Screen #1
Screen 3:
Show a + button that if clicked activates the camera
User can point the camera to a qrcode (test this with any qr code on the web)
Read the QR code and display the data encoded in the qrcode

How to submit this:

1. App should be able to build using Android Studio 4+ or latest IOS
2. Test this with Pixel or Iphone emulator
3. Create a github repo of the project.
4. Include your contact information in the
5. Reply to this post with the github repo link
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